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Corbels: We offer a variety of decorative architectural corbels and can turn out a custom design as well.  All of our corbels come in softwoods, such as Cedar, Pine and Cypress or hardwoods such as Oak, Pecan and Mixed Hardwood. Uses: A corbel is used widely in many applications:  Kitchen Corbels, Fireplace Mantel Corbels,  Custom Kitchen Cabinet Corbels,  Architectural Wood Carving Corbel, Kitchen Manufacturers and Kitchen Designers.  Most kitchens make use of corbels for range hoods and kitchen islands.

Brackets:  Wood brackets can be used in a wide variety of exterior and interior applications. Customers use our hardwood and softwood brackets to accent exterior soffit, front entries, front porches, columns, and gables. All of our products are available in smooth or rough-sawn finish, and can be custom made to accommodate your specific requirements. Most of these brackets are made out of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir.

Rafter Tails: Custom rafter tails are available up to 24 inches wide for exterior applications such as custom homes, patios and pergolas, commercial structures and beach homes.

Rafter tails are made out of Western Red Cedar, White Cedar, Aromatic Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, White Oak, Red Oak, Pecan, Douglas Fir and more...

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