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Redwood: One of the most valuable timber species, because of its impressive resistance to decay, redwood was extensively used for railroad ties and trestles throughout US. Redwood is used in the production of table, veneers, and turned goods.

Industrial Applications: N/A

Residential & Commercial Applications: Redwood is a beautiful wood, so it's ideal for highly visible applications such as porch posts and exposed beams.

Spruce: Pound for pound, fiber for fiber, Spruce lumber has the highest weight to strength ratio making it an attractive solution for strong and light wood products.

Industrial Applications: Aircraft Veneer, Oars, Boat Building, Sound boards, Music Instruments, Building Construction.

Residential & Commercial Applications: Interior and exterior construction work and Framing and Construction.

Western Red Cedar: The soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain and few knots. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay.

Industrial Applications: Building Construction

Residential & Commercial Applications: Pergolas, Fences, Timbers, Beams, Fireplace Mantels, Brackets, Corbels, Rafter Tails, etc.

Southern Yellow Pine: Is an abundant North American wood with a fine texture, pine gets used for numerous utility projects.

Industrial Applications: Building Construction.

Residential & Commercial Applications: Building construction, Carpentry, Furniture, Timbers.

Douglas Fir: Used for structural applications that are required to withstand high loads. It is used extensively in the construction industry.

Industrial Applications: Light weight trailer flooring.

Residential & Commercial Applications: Building construction, Timbers, Corbels, Brackets, Rafter Tails, Fireplace Mantels.

Cypress: Remarkably fine and close in grain, very durable, of a beautiful reddish-brown color, and resinously fragrant.

Industrial Applications: Waterfront docks and shipping ports use cypress where beams are partially submerged. Small boats and skiffs constructed from cypress lumber outlast other lumber products, and even caskets are regularly fashioned from cypress.

Residential & Commercial Applications: Cypress is desirable for building outdoor decks and fences. Furniture.

Aromatic Cedar: Cedar is red in color and the thin sapwood is nearly white. The grain is very fine and even except for knots. It has a delicate fragrance.

Industrial Applications: Boat Building.

Residential & Commercial Applications: Flooring, Fences, Shingles, Great looking interior millwork.