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For years we have been recognized for the quality of our products and service. We carry different types of woods for construction, industrial application, residential and decoration.




Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods. The dominant feature separating "hardwoods" from softwoods is the presence of pores, or vessels. Applications: construction, furniture, flooring, truck bed floor.

In stock: Hickory, Pecan, Red Oak, White Oak, Other Mix Hardwood.

Sycamore, Red & Black Gum Cotton Wood, Beech, Elm, Poplar, Mesquite Sugarberry, Ash, Willow.


Softwoods are not necessarily softer than hardwoods. In both groups there is an enormous variation in actual wood hardness, with the range in density in hardwoods completely including that of softwoods. Applications: construction, furniture, millwork, etc...

In stock: Southern Yellow  Pine, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Aromatic Cedar, Redwood.

Most Reclaimed and Vintage Timbers originated from stands of old growth forest and have unparalleled architectural quality and character. This make them perfect for timber frames, exposed trusses, open beam ceilings, trellis work, rustic mantels, reclaimed wood flooring, and millwork. Because of its aged, our reclaimed timbers have developed deep, beautiful colors and rich patinas that can only be bestowed by time.

Brackets, Corbels & Rafter Tails. M&M Lumber Co. offers a variety of wood brackets, Corbels and Rafter Tails.. These artistic pieces can add elegance in any application.

Wood Brackets, Corbels, Rafter Tails, Gabble Brackets, Wooden Shutters.

Industrial Wood Products. At M&M Lumber, experts at producing custom support saddles and pipe cradles for the storage and transport horizontal pressure vessels and steel pipes. Our support saddles and pipe supports are made of solid hardwood and steel hardware components, to your specifications.

Equipment Saddles, Pipe Cradles, Vessel Saddles, Custom Radius Cuts, Wedges, Dunnage, Industrial Wood Blocks, Pipe Shims.

Our Solid Hardwood Floors are cut from dry logs into a solid planks. They range from 5/16" to 3/4" in thickness and come in various widths and generally are in random lengths.

In Stock: White Oak, Pecan, Aromatic Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Mixed Hardwood, Cherry, Walnut, Douglas Fir, and more.

M&M Lumber is proud to offer a large selection of Fireplace Mantels, our mantels are made out different types of wood such as: White Oak, Red Oak Western Red Cedar, Aromatic Cedar, Hackberry, Ash, Poplar, Douglas fir, Cypress, Southern Yellow Pine, Reclaimed Oak, Reclaimed Pine, etc. We customized your mantel at the size desired.

Natural (3 Squared Faces), Hand Hewn, Wire Distressed, Hand Sanded.